Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Joys of July and August

We kicked off July with our city's parade and fireworks. July was also full of swimming lessons and Vacation Bible School. August was full of two birthday celebrations and our family vacation to Lake Michigan before gearing up for school again.

 We enjoyed the parade and made some traditional yummy treats!

 We tried poppers for the first time! I did these growing up and they loved them just as much as I did!

My traditional birthday picture with my girls!
Mia's Special Day

 Mia loves doggies, or Fuff-Fuffs as she calls them. So Ben decided she should have a doggy theme with a doggy cake. It was a big undertaking, but the cake turned out great!

 Her sisters were pretty excited that it was her birthday!

 Cake and the traditional birthday book!

 For Mia's special family birthday activity we took her to the Crayola Factory. It was fun and as the girls get older we look forward to visiting again!

Before our family vacation, Quinny want to a two day morning dance camp. She LOVED it and may have found her thing!

 Lake Michigan!
 Enjoying the Ferry!

 Our little rental!
 "The Beach" Our girls wanted to go to the beach this year and we told them this is the best beach we can get to right now. We miss the beach, but we were able to swim and collect shells as well as build sandcastles, so it was a success! The bonus was I didn't have to think about sharks! ;)
 This girl has been a shell collector since she could walk! My Granny and her would be the best of beach buds!

 It was a relaxing vacation and we are looking forward to where our vacations take us next!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Journeys of June

After spring, we headed into summer with lots of excitement. We had fun relaxing in June and catching our breath after our first official school year! Ellie finished out her Kindergarten year strong!! She had a wonderful year and loved every minute of it. Quinn and Mia missed having her at home and were happy when the summer rolled around (for the most part).

 Ellie sang some songs at the end of the year. She is the one on the end at the bottom with all the hair.
 Ellie and her amazing Kindergarten teacher! She was a complete answer to prayers for our sweet Ellie!
 Last Day of Kindergarten!

 They have a parade for all the 5th graders on the last day and all the other students cheer them on! Ellie is wearing the pink backpack next to her teacher in the pink pants.
 A little welcome home art!
 Enjoying the yard and playing in the water!
 She was obsessed with rocks this summer!
 Every child needs a summer memory of slipping and sliding! Growing up those were some of my favorite memories!

 Someone needed a bike helmet to go with her new bike! She wore it all the way home!
 Cruising on the new bike!

 "Ahh! Finally, I get to have the tricycle!"
 This big girl learned to ride with no training wheels! She spoiled Ben. He let her go once and she took off and has never looked back!
 Ellie and I on our first bike ride!
 Making our pizza dinner!
 She loves her own style!
 Crazy Character!
 Safety is always important, even when sitting in the dining room!
 When her sissies weren't looking she swiped one of their cameras!
 Little surprise park visit on our way home from church!
 Mia loves to slide!
 Enjoying the splashpad...

 and the zoo...
 and the MIA!
 We also went to a man made lake. It is pool water but has a sandy bottom and no animals in it! The girls had a great time!
 The splash at the bottom was Ellie or Ben coming down the slide!
 We also did lots of building this summer!

 Safety First!
 We visited the gardens and...
this little lady ended June by starting to help out more in the kitchen. My greatest memories are with my Mom in the kitchen. There is lots of learning that goes in there that is practical and also major life lessons and life discussions have happened with my own Mom in a kitchen. I am so lucky to get to be her Mom. She stretches me and challenges me and she is so much fun and so full of love. Moments like this make me so excited about the many more years in the kitchen we will have together!