Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall Family Pictures 2016

We had my Mom take our pictures last Fall. She is a great photographer and got some good photos of us as a family of five. Photographing a 2 year old can be quite the challenge, but we managed to get a couple of her! I love my people and we have quite an eclectic mix of personalities that are all full of fun!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Pretty Dusty

Our blog has gotten pretty dusty! I am hoping to get back to blogging as this is a scrapbook for our girls of all our family fun and adventures. It is also a place for me to write to them as they age and a place for our family and friends that live all over the country to watch our girls grow.

I am going to start where I left off last. Hope you enjoy our Fall of 2016!

The pictures loaded a little out of order, but we ended our Fall in Tennessee for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we were able to visit Opryland Hotel to see all the Christmas decorations. This is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. I have many memories going there and is always a highlight for me when I can. It was a great way to start off the season!

 We also saw family and got to spend some good time with my nephew, Cooper. (Around here Mia calls him Pookie. We have no idea why, but that is what we call him too now. Mia is only two months older than him (he was born on Ben's birthday) and she adores him.
 We checked off all our summer adventures!

 We also celebrated Ellie turning 7 years old!! She requested a scooter and that I make a red velvet cheesecake for her cake.

 This sweet girl made me a Mom and I am so grateful to have her. She keeps me on my toes and is a bundle of fun. She is sensitive and caring and a great helper. She loves taking care of her sisters. She is creative, independent and loves to read. She sets her mind on something and she does it. She is always willing to try things and is becoming more adventurous as she grows. I am looking forward to all the fun we will have together!
 Dad reading the traditional birthday book.
 Quinn also finished her first dance class. She LOVES dance and though she was the youngest one in her class, she did a great job keeping up.

 We celebrated Ellie again when we visited my parents for Thanksgiving with our traditional family birthday cake.

 All the grandkids at Opryland hotel. (The only way Cooper would stay in the picture was if my brother held him.)

 Sweet Pookie and Buzzy (as Mia is known in our house).

Mia and her Uncle Drew
My brother has a way with his nieces. They love him and they can always get him to do what they want! :)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Joys of July and August

We kicked off July with our city's parade and fireworks. July was also full of swimming lessons and Vacation Bible School. August was full of two birthday celebrations and our family vacation to Lake Michigan before gearing up for school again.

 We enjoyed the parade and made some traditional yummy treats!

 We tried poppers for the first time! I did these growing up and they loved them just as much as I did!

My traditional birthday picture with my girls!
Mia's Special Day

 Mia loves doggies, or Fuff-Fuffs as she calls them. So Ben decided she should have a doggy theme with a doggy cake. It was a big undertaking, but the cake turned out great!

 Her sisters were pretty excited that it was her birthday!

 Cake and the traditional birthday book!

 For Mia's special family birthday activity we took her to the Crayola Factory. It was fun and as the girls get older we look forward to visiting again!

Before our family vacation, Quinny want to a two day morning dance camp. She LOVED it and may have found her thing!

 Lake Michigan!
 Enjoying the Ferry!

 Our little rental!
 "The Beach" Our girls wanted to go to the beach this year and we told them this is the best beach we can get to right now. We miss the beach, but we were able to swim and collect shells as well as build sandcastles, so it was a success! The bonus was I didn't have to think about sharks! ;)
 This girl has been a shell collector since she could walk! My Granny and her would be the best of beach buds!

 It was a relaxing vacation and we are looking forward to where our vacations take us next!